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BURJ zanzibar

Project developer: CPS Live Ltd. Zanzibar

Architects: OMT architects, Berlin, Leander Moons Inc., New York

Services from KSI & IGNIS:  Fire and life safety concepts and drawings, Fire Protection for timber constructions

The "Burj zanibar" is a high rise residential building located in Fumba Town, zanzibar, offering 266 apartments and a net area of 17'150 sqm. Based on a traditional reinforced concrete core, the structure around the central core is assembled with glue laminated timber columns and beams as well as cross laminated timber slabs. 

Together with IGNIS - Fire Design Consulting, KSI is working on the fire and life safety concept as well as the specific timer-related topics.

Extensive informations and impressions of the projects can be seen on the website of OMT architects (click the picture to the right).